“Not all world leaders are good men, so why should bad ones have God’s ear over the climate crisis?”

Good and bad is not the issue. It is not the individual, but the authority of their office which is important in the call to God.

Each world leader is the latest custodian of the millennia-old authority which his or her nation acquired through Adam. Whoever occupies the office of national leader or head of state acts as the voice for that office. Only rarely – mostly in times of war – will that office relinquish it’s authority to another, but the power to do so rests with it’s custodian, whether they are a good soul or otherwise.

From God’s perspective, the important thing is for all authority on earth to turn to Him for help in it’s time of distress. Whether the one proffering that authority is a good man or a tyrant, their action will be to the saving of their nation
The issue of authority has to be settled before our Lord’s reign can address good and bad in a global sense.
and the entire world from the climate crisis which would otherwise annihilate Mankind.

We should bear in mind that in human terms goodness and badness are very subjective — one nation’s “tyrant” is sometimes another nation’s “benign leader” and vice versa, and to have a world full of genuinely good leaders would be to have an immediate call to the Heavens. But most importantly we should remember that God’s intervention will not be a judgment on us personally, but a rescue in response to Mankind’s own verdict on it’s inability to survive without His assistance.