“Belief in the Divine Rescue needs a belief in God. How do you counter the theory of Evolution?”

Whichever contention is raised against any viewpoint is merely the first of many, and there is not enough time to address them all. In the issue of Evolution versus God, the simplest and most effective approach is not to contend with the science, but to present something in favour of God which science cannot explain.

Atheists Understand the Situation
Even though the Divine Rescue is concerned with worship, roughly ¼ of those who inquire about it are atheists. The climate crisis worries people of all beliefs, and none, and the thought that this monstrous power cannot be stopped is terrifying. So the notion that this would-be nemesis actually lies in a greater context of the
theme of the Bible – one over which the Almighty can and will exercise power to
Intelligent people can see very clearly where the climate crisis is leading to and the potential for harm of that immense power whose mere beginnings we are experiencing today
rescue us – can be a great relief. Even those who do not believe in God frequently express relief to hear that the notion is clear, straightforward, and free from doctrine.

For atheists, the fly in the ointment is – Evolution. If God does not exist, then that convincing hope for our future is just a story. So how can we be sure that God exists? Nobody can conclusively address the evidence surrounding evolution, but it is worth – just for a few minutes – thinking laterally, suspending that interesting theory and examining just a little of the genuine evidence for God.

Signposts in History
The Jews had ways of knowing who the Messiah would be, and our Lord Jesus Christ fulfilled those special requirements. The Messiah was prophesied to come through the line of king David; he was to be born in Bethlehem Ephratah (Micah 5:2) south of Jerusalem; and he was to preach for 3½ years (Daniel 9:27). All of these were prophesied hundreds of years before Jesus was born.

During his life, John the bapist declared Jesus to be

“The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world”
John 1:29

and this referred to the Hebrews exodus from Egypt 1500 years earlier, where a lamb was slaughtered the day before Passover – just as Jesus was executed the day before Passover. That same time Pharaoh’s firstborn son – himself a king and a god – was killed by God’s angel according
While some deny Jesus as the Messiah, the destruction of the genealogical records at the fall of Jerusalem make it impossible for anyone since Jesus’ time to be authenticated as having come through David’s line
to the last plague on Egypt, just as Jesus the new king of the Jews, the Son of God, was executed.

Looking back further, in the same vein Abraham went to sacrifice his only son on mount Moriah – site of Jerusalem where Jesus was executed. However Jehovah’s angel prevented Abraham and suggested instead a ram whose head was caught in a thorn bush, just as Jesus wore a crown of thorns (Genesis 22:13; Mark 15:17). And further back still, Abraham was given bread and wine by the high-priest Melchizedek at Salem, site of Jerusalem, just as Jesus made his covenant with bread and wine.

These are just some of the prophecies which relate to Jesus’ life – written between 100 and 2,000 years before their fulfilment. So how does this help address the issue of Evolution against the Divine?

Proof of God
Each of these prophecies is part of Jewish history, their national identity is based on these scriptures. They can be seen in manuscripts whose vellum scrolls pre-date Jesus’ life on earth. And Jesus’ life is well documented, both by Christians, Romans and even by particular Jews who opposed him. Regardless of the theory of Evolution, there exists the puzzle as to how Bible scribes – hundreds of years apart – could have written so accurately what would happen in the life of one special man far into their future.

Only an overseer, a being in higher control could possibly know the future and
There can be no explanation of how the scriptures were so accurate hundreds of years in advance except that a Divine Being Who knew the future was responsible for the information
reveal it in preparation hundreds of years in advance. Whatever theory — evolution or otherwise — and whatever it’s data cannot nullify this separate and distinct truth: this empirical evidence exists, therefore God must exist and what is more, He is providing guidance to us.

Taking the Fear out of the Future
The God who placed these sign-post events in history leading to the Messiah has placed similar sign-posts to show that He will rescue modern-day Mankind when it calls to Him. God has made it easy for us to have confidence in Him – atheist or believer is not the issue, the reasoning is straightforward.

For those who still believe in evolution – and there are many who now have confidence in the Divine rescue who still believe in Evolution – doubtless you will continue to enjoy debating that science. Most people are used to having distinct yet parallel notions in their minds, it is a part of human nature, and far more comfortable than trying to decide which to discard.

The important thing is, knowing now as you do that God has been guiding Mankind for millennia, you can now have the confidence to face the years ahead knowing that the climate crisis
will be addressed, and know that your children and grandchildren will have a world – and an unimaginable future! – to enjoy.