“Surely religion has the prominent role in calling for God’s intervention, rather than world rulers who frequently disregard Him?”

Religion has no role to play in God’s intervention, despite the widespread presumption to the contrary. Only national leaders and heads of state are involved in God’s intervention. The reasons for this are as old as Mankind itself and show themselves in the scriptures.

Rights of Kings
In all formal dealings, Almighty God Jehovah sent His emissaries not to the priests of the lands, but to the Kings. Pharaoh received a dream from Jehovah and His messenger Joseph relayed the interpretation. Moses likewise took God’s command to the Pharaoh of his day. Similarly Artaxerxes - the King of Babylonia - was approached by Nehemiah in order that Jerusalem should be rebuilt and King Cyrus was guided even though that king did not know Jehovah (Isaiah 45:4). Jonah approach the King of Nineveh for Jehovah’s purposes, and Daniel was sent to relay God’s deciphering of the dream which He had sent to Nebuchadnezzar - the King of the earth - in his day.
Whether they were respectful of Heaven or not, Almighty God always addressed the Kings of the earth who inherited the authority which Adam usurped.
Even in His dealings with the nations of Israel, Jehovah instructed His priests to speak to the Kings of Israel and Judah - rebellious or not - in order for those leaders to act.

Similarly when our Lord – the only High Priest in worship (Hebrews 7:23-28) - returns, his role will be to act as

King of those who rule as kings, and Lord of those in great authority
1st to Timothy 6:15

Worship – As Ordained by God
In contrast to the continuing stream of secular leaders, there has only ever been one formal worship ordained by Jehovah: that to His people the Hebrews in the Promised Land - and that formal worship has passed away. When Christ came to release worship from the “curse of the Law” (Galatians 3:13) he declared that there was no further need for priests (Matthew 23:8-11). Worship was through kindness of God, not through doctrine.

Despite this, the Christian Way – God’s current stepping-stone on the pathway to Mankind’s recovery – has fractured into thousands of competing sects, far more than those of Islam and Judaism combined. Rather than epitomise “one-true religion” in authority as in the time of the Hebrews, Christianity which began as the pure and kind Way approved of by God has disintegrated into a Babel of bickering voices, as the apostle Paul bitterly lamented:

“The Christ”
– the son of God who came to unify men of all kinds (1st to Timothy 2:4-6) -
“The Christ! exists divided!”
1st to the Corinthians 1:16

Superior Authorities in the Seat of God
A clearer understanding of why world leaders have this prominence rather than religions can be found from the scriptures.

When Adam first rebelled against God he had no thought of religion, but of having god-like authority over good and bad. This authority - stolen by Adam - is what has been passed down through the ages. But God would not violate the very thing which was designed to arrange care, so He permitted Adam to take this authority, knowing that some future generation of
While heartfelt worship is pleasing to God, it has always been completely separate from the settling of the theme of the Bible which Mankind’s rulers alone - by their authority in the earth - could achieve
Mankind would eventually learn that it needed God’s power and wisdom in order to survive. For this reason the apostle Paul reported in his letter to the Romans

Let every soul be in subjection to the superior authorities, for there is no authority except by God; the existing authorities stand placed in their relative positions by God. Therefore he who opposes the authority has taken a stand against the arrangement of God...for it is not without purpose that it bears the sword; for it is God’s minister, an avenger to express wrath upon the one practising what is bad.
Romans 13:1-2,4

Mankind’s arrangement is this: that it has sat in the seat of god-like authority in the earth, and as such it’s rulers have that prominent position in God’s eyes.
Whereas Mankind has taken authority over men, worship to God is not under compulsion from anyone, but is freely given by those who love and trust Him.

Final Call for Divine Rescue
Further evidence is that those on the Christian way – and, indeed, so many souls in Judaism and Islam – already love God! They have been praying for God’s kingdom to establish itself on earth for 2,000 years, although some religious leaders have declared outright that God will not intervene to save us from the climate crisis. If authority to call for God’s intervention had truly lain in the hands of ordinary religious souls
Though lovers of God have never needed any prompting to call to God, Christ stated plainly that those who presume to take his flock for themselves do not have his authority (John 10:8,10)
then their call in this regard would have been heeded long ago and God would have already intervened in the climate crisis.

But it is not so. God is not relying on the call of those who already love Him.

Instead, the great issue of Genesis 3 – the basis of Mankind’s entire history so far - will be resolved by those who have inherited the authority which Adam usurped from God. Just those few hundred secular leaders who represent all the people of the earth, those with sole power and authority over an entire nation and it’s people; those who feel both the allure of that power and the burden of having to deliver what their people need; leaders of every hue of character who may not even believe in God - they alone have God’s ear in the great issue of Genesis 3. They alone can subject under Jehovah the authority over good and bad which Adam stole and which has governed Mankind’s affairs ever since...

...And yet, in a truly perfect and patient and kind justice which only God could devise, the declaration that Mankind’s rulers do indeed need God’s assistance will be left entirely to these very authorities themselves, so that no King nor leader will feel their authority has been taken from them against their will.