This site is not associated with any religion or any other organisation or ministry.

It declares that God's plan is to intervene and save every soul alive when the Prodigal Son Mankind calls for help. The site declares that the climate crisis is bringing this closure of the first Bible prophecy made by God Himself: that Man could not survive without Him. As this good news disperses our fears over the future, the site urges all to take this unique and holy privilege of making God's reputation shine - to

  • John the Baptist -----
  • "Prepare the way of Jehovah!...
by declaring that our salvation is not due to religion or belief but God's kind Divine Rescue in answer to our need.
  • ... and all flesh will see the salvation of God."

Luke 3:4-6

and we will not be afraid in this the most turbulant time of our history.

As Jehovah gave us free will forever there are no doctrines here and no insistence on beliefs. Instead we follow the three principles outlined by Jesus Christ [Matthew 22:37-40] ; [John 13:34-35] and encourage all people to believe what they themselves honestly believe, without pressure or coercion, knowing that Jehovah values a sincere and finely-motivated heart - even with all it's mistakes - far more than a self-righteous one.

We wish for God's blessing on you as you gain the peace and assurance He intends you to enjoy.