Why worship Jehovah...?
... because His purpose is beautiful!
God’s Purpose... at the Dawn of Man

It was all meant to be so simple, and yet have such marvellous potential for boundless expansion...

God - the Supreme, the Almighty - created another "almighty" in human form, so that there would never be elitism in creation. He created a single man, and from him a companion through whom all other humans would come to be. Each would live forever, and every later generation would look to that first living man and his woman to learn the millennia of guidance which their longer lives could pass on. In turn, Adam and his woman would turn to the Creator and encourage their billions of offspring to do the same.

This turning for advice - this means of growing and protecting themselves - was the earthly kingdom. The land, the resources, the animals which they would care for, were owned by nobody - they were as the air and the sunlight which all enjoyed and which nobody owned. The kingdom was a kingdom of hearts, each growing at its own pace, each contributing to the beauty of the whole of love in creation. With this vast rich tapestry of growth and love and learning, there was no obstacle to what the Grand Creator Jehovah could do in directing both Heavenly and earthly creatures in the future.

But this god-like status for man promoted ambition in an overseer [Ezekiel 28:13-15] who saw a way to have god-like status immediately for himself. He tricked the woman and provoked the man into breaking this marvellous plan, and so they were evicted from the precious garden in which human creation had been planted. They became independent of God, usurping His authority over the outside world, and this satan immediately became the overseer of human creation now living independently of God.

Like a small library of novels, the whole of mans era of independence is bound by two book-ends: the one being the first ever prophecy:

“If you pursue independence from Me, you will bring about your own demise”
Genesis 2:17 (paraphrased)

issued by God when man - surrounded by all things good - wondered what "not good" was like; and the second the cry of relief at our Divine Rescue from that self-induced demise:

“And I heard every creature that is in heaven and on earth saying:

‘To the One sitting on the throne and to the lamb
be the praise and the honour and the glory
and the might forever and ever.’”
Revelation 5:13

Between these two which have bound our era of independence have been all the wars, the achievements, the failings, the futile actions of men who were all destined to die... But within those millennia God placed seeds in the hope of sprouting, to encourage a turning to Him, to lead us to eventually remember the God we must turn to for help when the day of our demise arrives. All of those nuggets of hope: the nation of Israel, the covenants, the Messiah himself, the reminder to pursue prayer and Heavenly wisdom have - for the most part - been seen in very earthly terms: as possessions, as accolades for the great rather than life-essentials for the many. God gave a gift of wisdom and guidance, and man chose to make Him their personal possession!

That is why the rescue had to be neither through religion nor belief nor human ancestry nor power nor possession nor land nor anything earthly at-all, but through the all-inclusive kind care of God through His Son on the day of our Divine Rescue.

God’s Kingdom on Earth
The first book-end prophecy is coming to fruition. The climate crisis is breaking us, and we cannot mend it to save ourselves.
Who can look at the grossly distorted jet stream - knowing it both causes climate and weather and is a consequnce of the damage we have caused - and suggest a way in which science will be able to heal it?!
Australia is burning more year on year, California is burning month by month, Eastern USA suffers colder weather than the Ant-Arctic, and there are dozens of feed-back mechanisms adding further damage to the atmosphere. This is the promised Elijah - the earth - before the advent of the Messiah, Elijah the Last Prophet shouting that we have failed, and ordinary people are echoing its voice; eventually man's authority - its rulers - will find its treasured independence, its governance , too difficult and will call unitedly to the Heavens for help... and God will intervene to save us -
At that moment when all earth’s leaders call for help, Christ will become "King of kings and Lord of lords" [1st Timothy 6:15]
and Christ’s active Kingdom will begin on the earth.

...But what kingdom? We still think in terms of territory, of wealth, of ownership, of status and power and position. God’s purpose was for a kindgom of hearts, where the ether of Heaven and the land of the earth are as unpossessed as the sunlight and the air, simply there for our enjoyment.

Revelation tells us there will be a period when those lingering values will continue to dominate - when kings will see Christ as a threat to their domains and will fight for possessions and land and people and influence, and so will completely miss God’s purpose for our future... and the result will be tragic for them. But for those - God willing, for we - whose hearts resonate with the Heavens, who see that simple beauty of God’s purpose and see how boundless it can grow, how a rich future there can be!

This - the end of this era - is a terribly traumatic time. Its conclusion - as greaqt a relief as it will be for everyone [Revelation 5:13] - will not be appreciated in its true light. The answer is to keep our eye simple, to look to the Heavens without personal wisdom or knowledge, not seeing superiority in Bible knowledge - in which we are all wrong in many many ways - but in the beauty of any heart which approaches the Creator. All of those threads - whatever our mistaken beliefs - leading to the same God, with the same love, with the same yearning... they are sure to be guided to safety!