Why worship Jehovah...?
... because He is ready to save us all
Recognise the Signs...
“...when YOU catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation...
! – remember [that] and heed it – !
…then let those in Ju-de´a begin fleeing to the mountains”
Matthew 24:15-16 - Jesus’ warning of destruction of Jerusalem

Following last week’s protest which paralysed five major bridges in London, students in Australia formed a mass protest against leaders’ insufficient response to the climate crisis. A paralysing rally, disturbing their education, civil disobedience… yet also borne of an urgent need to call for help.

This comes amid daily concerns over the crisis (too many to report here): the likelihood of a new El Nino, the warning from Herriot-Watt University that using glass or metal to replace plastics could triple greenhouse gas emissions, and the statement from the UN Climate Change panel that we must not only cease CO2 emissions but also remove 12 billion tonnes from the atmosphere every year to avoid catastrophe.

A tipping point has been reached – a truly inconceivable one! - that of discernment. The scriptures report that Elijah will speak before the advent of the Messiah’s kingdom on the earth. This Last Prophet is the earth, the climate its voice, and while religions and some decision makers are not hearing it the public and the (often atheistic) scientists hear the message very well and give an echo. Our era of independence is ending, and we must call for help.

The Climate will Not Destroy Us
The climate crisis is merely a catalyst to the event which brings the closure of this era. Instead, it is these protests, these scientific announcements, this forced preoccupation with the problem which announces loudly that we cannot govern ourselves to a place of safety.

No amount of protest will make governments adopt costly policies, neither will scientific forecasts, but the world-wide opinion that its leaders’ actions are insufficient will bring this era to a close. This is the theme of the Bible: that we would eventually find governance to be a poisoned chalice – for who would want to be elected and invoke cripplingly costly policies, knowing that essential other nations may not, and that the crisis is already at the tipping point!

This is the time: the action of protestors and the urgent pleas of scientists declare this is the time. The every-increasing heart-wrenching conditions in California declares this is the time, the extinction-event – now officially declared – which we have fomented declares that this is the time.

…Time to discern the truth of the scriptures: that the first prophecy [ Genesis 2:13 ] is approaching its fulfilment. Time not to be terrified but to look to the future and prepare to walk stately into the new era.

Awake to Action
“...what is God asking of you, but that you walk modestly before your God!”
Micah 6:8
Most lovers of God will not be inclined to indulge in street protests – though will appreciate the heartache of those who feel they must.
Most lovers of God already recycle and avoid wasting energy, and so should concentrate on the best use of their spirituality
However there is much we all can - and must - do in preparation:

Firstly – have confidence that God will intervene. A little thought – realising that God has not stepped in specifically so that Man could reach the point of calling to Him for help – goes a long way to building our confidence. Recognising that the theme of the Bible was not about beliefs or religion or even good and bad, but purely about authority, and Man’s realising that he needs God’s oversight.

As we have lived our lives as an apprenticeship for the new life, we have time to hone our steps so that we walk stately into the new era – by walking now as if we were already there.

This is no time for the divisive distractions, nor the endless debates on scriptural points to find the mythical one-true-religion, nor to denounce faiths which are flawed; everyone – the good and the bad, the believer and the atheist – will be rescued alive and be with us in the new era. Now is not the time to be swayed into grand gestures in order to "gain credibility" with the Heavens; this is a time for letting our heart be genuine - whatever it may be at present - an in its freedom to breathe it will become better.

This is a time for the richer things: growing heartfelt appreciation for God for providing His rescue in such a perfect way. Time to be delighted – not in a personal throne in heaven or whatever one’s belief may be – but in Heaven’s joy when, finally! human authority en masse subjects itself to God.
Do not feel pressured into giving away wealth, but perhaps give a little to a stranger in genuine need. Your name with God does not come through grand donations.
This is the next stage in widening the bridge between Heaven and earth: with Jesus Christ himself traversing to immediately establish his kingdom in the earth. How long our Heavenly Father has had to wait – watching faith be worn away even among angels – so can we not be pleased for our Father’s joy?

Time also for far-sighted understanding – pondering on all those times when men had wished God would intervene, but did not …because had He intervened in some manner, we would have expected Him to do so again, and again… we would have grown complacent or even angry when He did not respond, and that world-wide call would never have been made – that call which world leaders will make, because the call of ordinary people is growing too loud for them to ignore.

Time to give prayers for the world leaders – it is not easy for someone in power to admit they are limited. Time to remember that many of them are believers – many firmly believe that they are in their positions by God’s decree –
Let the momentum of our times help you to quietly approach the Heavens, to listen to God's spirit as it reassures you of the future.
and to feel a confidence that their faith, however they see God, will be a good motivation for them as the final day approaches. And of those without faith… can we not see some fineness in them which we wish were in us?

You can probably add many more fine things to the list – things which would appeal to all and are nothing to do with beliefs, but are purely spiritual in appreciation. For all of them, this is the time: Elijah is calling loudly, scientists and protestors are giving an echo, and it is time for us to be like the Hebrews on the shore of the Reed Sea to have confidence, pray quietly and peacefully, and see the salvation of Jehovah [ Exodus 14:23 ].

Call to the Heavens. Call for Elijah to be heard more widely. Pray that those in authority urgently make their united call for God’s intervention. We all have the opportunity to ride upon the momentum of the increasing discernment in the world, to prepare a quiet and confident spirit in ourselves. Then, when the world leaders do call for help and God intervenes to bring the new era, we will already be walking as if we were there.