Why worship Jehovah...?
... because He has always been our only safe harbour
A “Final Warning” from Scientists

In a landmark statement, the scientific community have declared that their call to world leaders to save the world from the climate crisis to be a final call. There is no time remaining.

They claim that there remains a remote opportunity to limit warming to 1.5ºC ( having already breached the 1ºC mark ) by the end of the century, but that it will take immediate and drastic changes to every aspect of out lifestyle – from what we eat, how we farm, how we travel and generate power,
This site reported years ago how emminent scientists had already declared the 2ºC target to be unobtainable.
to the necessity of finding ways to remove carbon from the atmosphere

In truth, this will not be a final warning. The scientific community have already spoken plainly about our situation. Despite being consistently ignored, there is the need to speak and the yearning to be heard when the prospects for the end of civilisation are so desperately close to certainty.

In response, Australia declared that it is going to continue to rely on coal-powered systems for its energy, while india,
Air-scrubbing technologies – being as yet unproven and hugely expensive to make in quantity – have been labelled as “Carbon Unicorns” because of the poor prospects of their success
USA and China continue to be large users.

As this era draws to its conclusion, the scientific community and a large number of world leaders will stand with a clear conscience. The huge number of deaths which will inevitably occur will not be laid at their feet. While it is truly difficult to feel settled and peaceful as a few men stubbornly lead human civilisation to a pitiful conclusion, we might take solace in knowing that there is a future where the fine consciences will be shown - alive - for what they are...

There is a Divine Rescue to prevent our ignominious end, which ushers in an era where good conscience is nurtured, protected, rewarded. A little credence in God’s purpose – simply seeing how the crisis is fulfilment of His first prophecy – will give us that confidence. The implication of the world’s most eminent scientists is that it is already too late for anything else.

The Living Voice Bible
“You must read it under your breath day and night,
in order that you might protect and perform all that is written in it”
Joshua 1:18
It is a privilege to present the “Living Voice” Bible

The layout has been designed to show clearly who is speaking in the scriptures, to make it easier for readers to become familiar with the characters in the Bible and the context of their lives. These - the good and the bad - are people we will possibly meet in the resurrection: the Samuels and the Deborahs, the Ahabs and the Jezebels - who will vye for our friendship in the new era.

Many of us will have spent this life as a spiritual apprenticeship, preparing to be ready to work in the new era. Perhaps we will have the privilege of working with the likes of Isaiah, good king Josiah, perhaps Miriam or Hosea or Asaph. By familiarising ourselves with their characters, we can both learn more about the traits of their Godly service and apply them to our own lives, and prepare for meeting those who were such a prominent part of God’s purpose.

The text is available as a PDF. It includes a brief précis to the book of Revelation - not intended to be an addition or a commentary or explanation, but an overview to help place it in its correct context and timeline.

It is hoped that this humble offering will make the Bible easier to understand for those who seek the treasures in God’s Holy Scriptures.