Why worship Jehovah...?
... because He will provide our rescue
New Edition of the Scriptures
“You must read it under your breath day and night, in order that you might protect and perform all that is written in it”
Joshua 1:18
“...and Jehudi began to read aloud in the ears of the king, and in the ears of his princes who were standing by the king”
Jeremiah 36:21

Next month, the newly completed version of the Holy Scriptures will be made available on this site.

The layout has been designed to make it apparent who is speaking in Bible dialogues. Upon turning to any page, the reader is immediately greeted by Bible characters represented by coloured text, with the remaining non-dialogue text acting as a narrator.

This version addresses a common difficulty which people have with reading the scriptures: that the Bible appears as pages of flat text, difficult to follow. So this version highlights the dialogues in colour and names the parties involved. The reader can turn to any page and see the character, read their conversation, instantly knowing who is speaking to whom, and whom - or which scriptures- they might be quoting in their dialogues, while the remaining non-dialogue text takes the role of a narrator as was originally intended.

A PDF will be made available immediately, with an MS Word version to follow upon request. An audio version may follow later next year.

Less Faith than that of Abraham

Many centuries ago, a man called Abram was moved to take himself and his family away from their home in Padan, to travel to the land of Canaan, which he was told his own ancestors would one day inherit.

Abram was nothing special at the time. He was a Hebrew – named after his ancestor Eber, who was special! he outlived five other generations, and so his name became synonymous for Jews throughout history. But Abram was nothing special, except that his heart let him see what he could not prove – that there was surely one God, and that He alone should be worshipped.

So he left his brothers and uncle in Padan, taking his wife – his barren wife – to travel the long and dangerous journey to a foreign land populated with foreign people, so that children from his barren wife would one day oust these foreign nations from the land of Canaan. All quite impossible! ... yet it was to become the Promised Land: the land of repute, the stepping-stone of the Almighty.

There are more modern examples of far-sightedness: the scientist who spent 40 years ostracised for what was later to become the important Gaia theory, or the now lauded theoretical scientists who were ridiculed for declaring what they could see but could not prove, or the pioneer at the end of the 19th century believed he had captured moving footage of dancers on a piece of bitumised paper, which was only exposed as successful in the 1980s.

We have a calamity – the climate crisis. We do not need the faith of Abraham to understand that God will intervene, nor the brilliant insight of the Lovelocks, the Oppenheimers and the Einsteins – we can all clearly see the problem, and that we need the Creator to help.

What we do need is courage to withstand the ridicule – the same as those great men needed and were furnished with. We need the courage to speak out and declare this solution - even if it does not occur in our lifetime, even if we think of a thousand “better” things to do to make a name for ourselves. The name we will get by declaring this great need will eclipse all other greatnesses which we could possibly achieve.

The Burden of Leadership
It is difficult for world leaders – the only ones who can call to the Almighty for His intervention; our era of independence means that these ones have many pressures and many responsibilities which of necessity leech into their time and energies. Even though it is apparent that we need God’s intervention, that the civilisation which they govern will crumble beneath their feet in due course without it, the independence of our era makes their position impossible.

There are many lovers of God among them, and they know from experience what most of us cannot see: that this era of independence is not freedom at-all; they are not free to express a yearning for God’s intervention, they are enslaved to a depiction of power which they must maintain – even in civilised societies – or face being ousted. It takes a very brave world leader – and so far there has only been one – to give public vocal credence to God’s intervention.

Our Future
So our future is this: we will strive to save endangered species, because it is both good public relations and because we might succeed. We will strive to clear the oceans of plastic, we will strive to end malaria and measles and mutilations and hunger – all for the same reasons…

…and that which we cannot abate – the climate crisis – will over-ride us. We will gradually be crushed by it until the society which world leaders lead fractures in pain and despair… until the amenability of their people upon which their governance relies breaks apart – a frightening prospect for everyone. And then, lacking the means to govern, then they will all call to the Heavens – and God will answer them. This is our future.

Several year’s ago when the notion of the Divine Rescue was first aired to world leaders, some chose to denounce God's provision, declaring that God would not intervene in the climate crisis, that there would be no happy ending, that we had to solve this problem for ourselves. This cry of Havoc was only accurate in part: the ending will not be happy inasmuch as it will come in terror and great distress. However God will intervene, He – and not we – will solve the climate crisis, and by His intervention there will be a happy ending. This is our future.

What lies at that immediate time and beyond is already written in the scriptures, in two of our Lord’s illustrations:

In one, ten virgin attendants wait for the bridegroom to arrive for his bride, but five of those attendants see only the benefit of being admitted to the proceedings when he arrives. Presuming themselves to be as honoured guests rather than attendants with a duty, they were negligent… and so when the groom arrives, they are left outside.

In a second example, a king travels abroad, leaving his possessions with three of his attendants to invest while he travels to secure power for himself. However one of the men sides with rebels who do not want the king to rule over them – they prefer independence - and in fear of the rebel crowd he hides the money for himself… and so when the king returns, his character is exposed and he is thrown outside.

The time of God’s intervention is rapidly approaching. That time for the end of our faith – when His intervention removes the need for faith – is rapidly approaching. We do not need the foresight of brilliant minds nor the faith of Abraham, but rather just the simplest, the tiniest credence in God’s word – that tiny drop of oil is enough to light the lamp, to show that we genuinely favour God’s oversight to this era of independence. We can all see the horizon approaching – that oil is ever so cheap to obtain. If we want it, we can have a good name before God when He intervenes - just by believing His promise. If we want it…