Why worship Jehovah...?
... because He will provide our rescue
The Annual Pricking of the Conscience
“if they do these things when the tree is moist, what will occur when it is withered?”
Luke 23:31

It takes a full year for us to reach this stage – the time when the heated northern weather shows how vulnerable we are.

Records have been exceeded in Japan, Sweden, Britain… states across Canada and the United States are suffering wildfires and even fire tornados, while Greece and the southern United states are suffering also. We have also seen a record percentage of the Arctic ice sheet in active simultaneous melt – significant, because whereas countries will build shade and cooling systems, the Arctic is beyond protection.

But why say any more - will not next year be likely to exceed this year’s excesses?

A Warning from History
It is worth looking at what history teaches us:

The people of Israel had been warned of dire consequences of independence from God. Judah already knew that the land would be overthrown before the Chaldaeans finally assaulted Jerusalem. Prophets who gave God’s warnings were killed; the great Isaiah sounded the alarm and was forced into a hollow tree-trunk which was sawn into pieces.

Then the prophet Jeremiah appeared with a lifeline for some – declaring the year of release for slaves and servants. Those slaves began to leave Jerusalem in order to safely surrender to the Chaldaeans – but when their former masters saw that the Chaldaeans were currently absent, they recaptured their slaves and brought them back to face certain death when those Chaldaeans eventually attacked the city.

Jeremiah approached court and repeatedly warned the last king Zedekiah, but that king empowered his princes and archbishops to dispose of the prophet. Such murders and discreditations were willingly inflicted by rulers who were madly clinging to their independence from God’s guidance. Today’s message has met with similar opposition to discredit the warning:

“The Chaldaeans/environment will not attack, we can always appeal to Egypt/science to protect us, Jeremiah is un-Christian – and the message is unbiblical, and misrepresenting the Hebrew scriptures.”

A Warning of the Future
…The Bible says differently: Zedekiah did not survive, Jerusalem did not survive. But worse than that – some 80 years’ later when the Jews were finally released from captivity, that spirit of intransigence remained in those who had exhibited it before: the same problems were just waiting to arise again. So if their modern-day counterparts are intransigent now – in the face of a clear need to call to the Almighty – how will they fare when they have received the rescue?

Revelation tells us those who are intransigent now will be so in the new era – with very few rulers and bishops softening their hearts. This is our future: God kindly hearing the rulers’ plea over the climate crisis, responding to them with a rescue, but that spirit of independence remaining unabated and clinging like a cancer in earthly authority. The new era of Christ’s oversight will not be a paradise – it will be a festering sewer of intransigence, determined to oppose the authority of Christ’s reign…

…But Revelation tells us that eventually, those who have been martyred for service to God will have their call to the Heavens answered. Those who do follow God and do want Christ’s reign to blossom and cleanse the earth will be heard by the Almighty. But while Heaven begins its response, the independent ones will fight to retain creation for themselves, to oust God from earthly life. As their aloof disdain and then their anger become insufficient to maintain their independence, the era will culminate with outright war by kings against God’s Messiah –– and it ends only one way.

A Warning
Today’s heatwaves are awful – they have the potential to kill people. But the death which pursues intransigence has no resurrection to follow it, and it and those who practice it actually enable these heatwave deaths, empower fear, and obscure the news of a rescue – all in a vain pursuit of a world without God. With all of the guiding examples from Israel’s history, who would be so mad as to pursue a course of folly?

The message of the Divine Rescue came in 2008. It is for its time – it was not too early so as to be left to other generations, and not too late to be swamped by a world-wide panic. Inconvenient as it may be to some, this issue is of over-riding importance, and credence must be given. Modern-day Zedekiahs must comply with the Chaldaeans in order to prevent wide-scale panic and death.

…because after the encouraging message has been curtailed, a prophet will speak – the Elijah which will not be silenced or discredited, and will not stop, and will utterly expose the impotence of human self-reliance. That ignominious exposure of human rulership will happen, but there is still opportunity for some rulers to gain credibility with the Heavens and help to prevent fear spreading within their own population.

No Sudden Paradise

The popular notion of a resurrection in the twinkling of an eye to find ourselves on a cloud with a golden harp is a fallacy, every much so as that of awakening to feel a cleansed earth beneath our feet with all trace of badness and bad people removed…

The Bible sets matters straight, and we would be well advised to believe it. Daniel tells us that Heaven is not a place of perfection – that only one angel came to assist God’s messenger to that prophet [Daniel 10:21]. Revelation tells us that there will be war in heaven, and that far from being a place of absolute loyalty, 1/3rd of the angels will be duped into fighting against God in an unwinnable exploit [Revelation 12:3-4]. It tells us that Christ’s reign will be fraught with strife and war before he hands over creation to his Father, Jehovah. Even then, the earth will not be unremittingly loyal or loving toward God – some will be part of New Jerusalem, others will bring tribute to it, and others…? Free will will always be present. The nearest thing we have experienced to paradise was the garden of Eden, and that was to fall due to a wayward expression of free-will.

So what can we expect?

Those who survive to the end of this era will be walking into the beginning of our return to a spiritual Eden – the beginning of the journey. They will have active Divine oversight from our Lord the Messiah, if they want it, but also a world intent on keeping creation to itself. Revelation tells us that at one point, 200 million fallen angels will be released and will assault lovers of God – 200 million! – and their victims will be so traumatised as to want to die, but will be unable to do so. For a while, much of the earth will be like a large prison camp with oppressive guards, intent on preventing the food-parcels of Heaven from reaching those who want them – that will be the norm, the mandatory norm in the earth…

But eventually, when the opposers have been removed, some will ascend to the Heavens in order to work with our Lord in guiding the loyal ones who remain. For 1,000 years, the earth will have no fallen angels intruding, no bad influences except what we ourselves bring…

At the end, not everyone will have continued on that road to recovery: they will be present when the adversary is released for a short time, and they will form a part of his forces to attack those who truly are loyal. But protected, secured, they will walk into the next era: that of ownership by God with New Jerusalem resplendent in the earth.

Yet this is not paradise either. Paradise is not external, but comes from our own spirit growing and maturing. What God provides in beautiful and safe surroundings will be there in response to our hearts’ becoming suited to that life. There is no magic cloud which brings eternal happiness, there is no earthly garden which takes away temptation – we ourselves must want to build with God, having nurtured our own contribution to the peace and safety of everyone else. And when that becomes the norm, then we will grow further into even finer things.

An Apprenticeship
So this life is an apprenticeship. There is no perfect reward, but only the next stage according to how we are fitted for it.

Perhaps at the end of our life, our spirituality will be fine having served a perfect apprenticeship. We may be counted worthy to work as an artisan with other artisans – the Isaiahs, the Elijahs, the Abrahams and Moses and Samuels. Perhaps we will be suited only to be mentored by them, or to be an assistant; perhaps to maintain the materials or tools they use, or only to carry them as needed; perhaps we will only be qualified to sweep the floor, or make the tea, or perhaps we will not be qualified even to enter the premises. Whatever our spirituality becomes in this life, is what we carry forward into the next – a life that will be lived.

But thankfully, unlike this life, we will have the very finest of God’s people there as an encouragement. If we continue, we might just move up from sweeping the floor to sit beside Isaiah in his work, we might become a light ourselves – perhaps even become a mentor to some of God’s workers of the past.

Life will be different when were are not alone – both with Christ’s active guidance during the millennial reign, and God’s Own presence afterward. We do not need to find paradise if we are forever surrounded by Those Who will ensure we find it. Paradise is in the reliance on our Friends in the Heavens, rather than on what They will provide – because attaining to a garden in Eden is nothing unless we have God with us.