Why worship Jehovah...?
... because He is our safety in the new era
Forward Planning

A question raises itself : what will the new era be like?

Religions declare we are already part-way through the vision of Revelation – just waiting for the rapture, or the War of Armageddon, and then… perfect peace! The news of the Divine Rescue – which marks the beginning of the vision of Revelation – changes that outlook:

Yes, we have wars and famines and unmentionable things happening now – and it is tempting to impute those to the influences found in Revelation - but it is not so: our era is what it is. The new era will be far, far worse for several years, with the adversary – and hundreds of millions of rebel angels – active in the earth, intent on opposing Christ’s authority, and we poor humans will simply be in the way.

There is nothing we can do about that, however our survival depends very much on our character now. While Almighty God will rescue everyone alive, it is our spirituality and character which will determine if we buckle under that demonic onslaught or not. If we take the least line of resistance now in this era, then we will likely do so in the new era, and we will be manipulated into opposing the Christ and his Father in return for less strife.

Hard to believe? Well there are plenty today who see God as of no importance – who want God to cure the climate crisis and to give them Heaven and everlasting life, but would like Him to then go away again and let them be… independent. There are many for whom God is a club to join, a badge to wear,
Mankind's independence from God is what has brought about the climate crisis
primarily to be able to say:

“I’ve done God, thank you”

as a means of avoiding speaking or hearing or thinking about Him ever again.

So count them… count those who do not value God… and that is how many will be vulnerable to turning upon God’s faithful in the new era.

All we can do to be prepared is to nurture our sincerity toward God now – in these relatively “good old days”. When we slowly and quietly build a love and reliance and trust and concern for Him and His purpose, then we are as safe as we can be – sincerity of heart is everything. Even for those who honestly do not believe in God, sincerity of heart will pull you through – because when the Divine Rescue takes place, everyone will know that He exists and is benevolent.

As an aid, we can simply think on the message which is prevalent now: how the 1st prophecy declares independence from God would bring our demise, and how the climate crisis is proving that to be true, and given that we have no solutions it makes sense to give some credence to God's assured rescue… just a measure of credence, and let the climate crisis itself do the convincing. This year a massive 85% of the Arctic is single-year ice; we are discovering new feedback loops – things that warm the planet even if we stop polluting it; and it only takes one climate bomb – one serious flood that does not recede, one tornado that hits a populated area – for that region’s rulers to be unable to respond.

We can all see this on the horizon… and we know we need a rescue, the promised rescue – simple evident truths. The first sincere approach to the Almighty can be that easy to attain. For now, that is all we need to think about - our Heavenly Father and His Christ will help us for the rest of the journey. And although the new era will have those terrible times, it has over 1,000 years of peace... before concluding to an endlessly beautiful existence.