Why worship Jehovah...?
... because He offers Divine ministry to the all who love Him
Hidden Qualifications

As Nisan 14th drew to a close, there was a new authority in the earth. Jesus’ close disciples had no robes of office, no official residences, no titles – they were not even visible, remaining in hiding for fear of their lives – yet had been covenanted to sit on thrones to judge the twelve tribes of Israel.

Before that day dawns - before even the end of this era and the beginning of the new one - there is another already in authority. The Last Prophet Elijah is already ordained, and already empowered to declare judgement.

Just as Malachi declared that Elijah – in the form of John the Baptist - would come before the Messiah [Malachi 4:3-5], so an Elijah is here today in advance of the Messiah’s return.
With AGW currently aiming toward 4.0°C by the end of the century and 8.3°C by the end of the next, and with human nature determined to ignore the consequences, Elijah’s judgement is clear : we are not mature enough to manage ourselves.
This Elijah is the earth, and the climate crisis is its voice, and its denunciation will grow ever louder before the Messiah’s arrival.

Allied to this is a ministry which does not condemn, but which preaches the beauty of God’s purpose and how He will rescue us when we call to Him. This ministry is not judgemental, it neither preaches nor presumes any doctrines, is biased toward no religion, and is even acceptable to atheists. It is the perfect ministry for the end of this era, and you are qualified to carry it out.

The “Purity” of Preachers
There is an ominous burden hovering over common preachers; for example, it would be difficult for a murderer to preach “You must not murder” or for a thief to preach “You must not steal” - for each preaching is essentially judgemental… …however this ministry has no such restrictions. It is simple, with the message :
Everyone alive – good, bad, from mass murderer to “living saint” – will be preserved alive at God’s intervention

“the first prophecy is approaching fulfilment, and we need to be prepared”

Any liar or thief or murderer or “living saint” can accomplish this ministry without fear of hypocrisy - you are qualified. Whereas Elijah will terrify the people of the world with judgement, this ministry is non-judgemental, but rather shows God as benevolent, the very panacaea to fear. This ministry can be accomplished by the uneducated, by the wrongdoer, by the one who is utterly burdened with sins – yes, there is a service to God, even for those whose sins are crushing them! In these last years of this era, Christ’s power of forgiveness has given this Holy privilege to anyone who wants it. Every lover of God who is heartbroken because of their stained character can preach this for God – with very little Bible knowledge.
The ministry uses two basic scriptures to show both God’s purpose and His benevolence in our time of ultimate distress

A Listening Audience??
Because the ministry is simple and clean and has no need for debate, religions find it difficult and most people find it uninteresting. People like to debate – and tend not to stay near something which has so much light. Mankind has become too distracted, too inured to anything beyond our sphere of pleasure. Likewise with the climate crisis - many know of the evacuation plans for island races, of nations boiling in the heat and of the Arctic ice cap dwindling toward nothing, but the majority simply do not take it to heart : the consequences are too great for them. That is why Elijah is necessary : nobody will be able to ignore Elijah’s voice as it continues to grow… However this ministry will sooth worries, will take away the fear which Elijah is already inducing.

…How Long to Go?
Once, “how long” would be measured by the years remaining to warm the planet by 2 degrees. Later, “how long” was measured by the years left until the Arctic melted in summer. Now these are acknowledged as hypnotic distractions : the crisis is predominantly feeding off its own effects rather than our greenhouse gas emissions. A dozen or more fundamental aspects – such as the Jet stream, ocean currents, and the oceans’ ability to absorb carbon – have been adversely affected, and these govern our climate and weather. There is little point in drawing an artificial “red line” on these – ultimately, the end will be when the world leaders realise that they cannot function any longer.

This is our immediate future – but your ministry will take away the fear that it is the end. It is a great thing to preach for God, and a great thing to take away fear in another person - and this has the added privilege that you will be preaching what has been prayed for over so many years :
When the world rulers subject their authority to God by calling to Him for help, then - and only then - will Christ become “King of kings and Lord of lords”, and that kingdom will begin in active authority on the earth
the arrival of the kingdom of God in active authority on the earth.

You are not the Messiah who preached it nor are you one of his apostles, nor will you sit on a throne to judge the twelve tribes of Israel… but what a privilege you have here!

Take this ; this is the Divine message of our era. There is no-one to follow, no religion to join, your beliefs remain untouched, and there is no cost, no oversight – the message is from the Almighty, and all are mere messengers giving it to others to dispense as they please - and with every listening ear know for certain that you have taken away fear, and shown our God to be beautiful and benevolent.

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