Why worship Jehovah...?
... because He has announced the dawn of the Kingdom
Commemoration of the New Covenant
“…keep doing this in remembrance of me”
Luke 22:19

As their meal drew to its close, evening having fallen and the day of Nisan 14th having thereby begun, Jesus prepared his followers for the future.

They had expected to share Passover week with him – indeed his disciples were sent to prepare for the Passover. But Jesus gave them the news that they would not celebrate Passover – infact, none of them would celebrate Passover that year... they would run and hide, because he was about to be slaughtered. So… that meal was their last special meal together…

…and very special indeed. He delivered God’s covenant to them – not to the rulers, not announced to the masses, but to them – for a special place in the kingdom : to sit on twelve thrones and judge the twelve tribes of Israel. Instead of a great celebration, they had a little bread, and a little wine to represent the body and blood of the slaughtered lamb, the Isaac of Abraham, the ram whose head was caught in the thornbush – the Messiah. When the next day with its screams and blood and grief had passed by, these frightened men remained established as the kings elect in the land : earthly status changed, but God’s purpose continued on its set pathway, known for many centuries by the prophets.

This year, Nisan 14th falls on the evening of Thursday, 29th of March. We wish all who practice the observance of bread and wine a peaceful evening, remembering the love of the Son, the beauty and perfection of God’s ongoing purpose, and the resurrection which for Jesus came early that Monday... and which awaits us all.

Spreading the News

It was the apostle Paul who first appreciated the difficulty. Judaism – established and justified by the life and death of the Messiah – transitioning to a credence in teaching of that very Son whose very sacrifice justified it. Paul had the task of telling the Gentiles of the Christ – such simplicity in God’s purpose, such beauty and clarity of purpose - but also to value the Holy Scriptures and to respect the stepping stone of Judaism… and to acknowledge that this Christianity was itself only a transitory stepping-stone in God’s purpose.

There is a similar difficulty in spreading news of the Divine Rescue. While everyone acknowledges the scientists when they say that the climate crisis is real, those whose weather is affected hear what is pertinent to them rather than to the wider world, and smile if the change means better crops for a few decades. Those who purchase the crops smile or frown as the harvest is enhanced or blighted, and those who purchase the products smile of frown as the price fluctuates… the overall picture is lost as each sees what is significant to them. It takes a viewpoint of the Divine to see the true picture.

We who see the fuller picture can nevertheless also only see a certain distance – as far as the Almighty allows – we do not see explicit details of the events of the next era. And like Paul, we have the task of explaining that the climate crisis to those who see it as pure science, and to those who simply see it as a means to growing new grape vines in northern climes... and to those who are already utterly devastated by its effects.

Like Christianity, this has a limited time, with something better to follow. But like Paul, the answer is the same : if there is a love of God in our audience, then some of them will recognise this climate crisis in its context - and that understanding will take away their fears, as they realise that its end will bring the immediate dawn of the Kingdom of God on the earth.