Why worship Jehovah...?
... because His Kingdom is at hand
The Good News of the Kingdom

When our Lord walked the earth, he would tell the good news that the Kingdom of God had drawn near. He instructed his disciples to preach the same, and many imagined that the Kingdom would show itself instantly and remove the Roman oppressors from the land... but that was not the time for the Kingdom to be active...

As the climate crisis draws this era to its conclusion, we know that Mankind will declare it needs help – its kings and governments will call to God for help – and God Himself will answer.
When the world leaders petition God for help, they will be subjecting their authority under Him – and under whomsoever He declares to act for Him in the earth
He will introduce His Son from the heavens – a show of continuity from the 1st century that Jesus was and is the Messiah – and then Jesus will take active authority over the earth, giving everyone a taste of Divine guidance, and leading those who trust him safely to the pasture grounds of spiritual Eden.

This will be the dawn of the Kingdom of God on earth - that kingdom has been spoken of wistfully for centuries, yet it is not recognised when it is on the doorstep.

Now we can positively say :

“...the Kingdom of God is drawing near”

For on that day, Jesus will finally become “King of those who rule as kings, and Lord of those who head governments” [1st of Timothy 6:15] ; Revelation 17:14] . God’s Kingdom will have come to earth – active, Divine, a healing to those who want to be healed. In every way the same as Christ showed in the first century, but this one cannot be halted
The Divine Jesus Christ cannot be executed, nor will his benevolence be abused, because Divine authority will have been invited by the kings of the earth
– it will continue until the earth and those who choose to live in it have been brought to complete spiritual safety.

So tell whoever you meet – the Kingdom of God is drawing near. Tell them why, tell them how, tell them what it means, tell them how all-inclusive it is – demanding nothing from us, but is giving in the hope that we will appreciate and follow. Tell them there is no religion nor man on earth to follow - let them simply gain confidence in what God has promised.

The climate crisis will bring the end of this era and the proof of the first prophecy in the scriptures. It also fulfils the first earthly sign of the vision of Revelation as everyone alive cheers God and Christ when They save us from the nemesis climate crisis.
Genesis 2:17 – if you go independent of God, it will bring about your demise
Revelation 5:13 – everyone on earth – good and bad, believer and non-believer – will give thanks to God and to His Christ for our rescue
No longer a wistful statement, no longer a yearning or a vague religious statement : this is God’s reality, visible to everyone who looks just a little way forward at how human affairs must progress.

Tell everyone you meet – the Kingdom of God is drawing near. And perhaps – though you may have just a few short years of life left – this most beautiful event will occur before your very eyes.

See the Whole,
Understand God’s Purpose

As difficult as the climate crisis will certainly be, take a look backwards to the days before we recognised it and realise – we were already broken.

The climate crisis is the lynch-pin to our recovery – not a punishment or a pain. The real pain has been our increasing loss of real life, losing hold on what is truly simple and free and beautiful. That beauty – which many can barely remember or even imagine – was what kept us alive in the past, made us want to wake up in the mornings and experience creation long before the artifice of today’s distractions.
Take away electricity to power this world’s distractions, and many people would be utterly lost, having no thought for the Creator

Jesus Christ counselled us:

“Seek and you will find…”
Luke 11:9

Valuing that, lovers of God quietly seek Him, striving to listen and be guided – gently, slowly, step by faltering step.
Some past and current world rulers value God so much that they will want to discard their titles when they see the Christ in authority, in their desire to simply follow him
The world does not understand that this is the source of real life, so the climate crisis and the end of this era will be a frightening thing to them…

But for us, let us live now as we will when the new era begins – let us value what the world does not, looking to the beauty rather than concentrating on the pain in this era. This short time which remains is the last opportunity for anyone to show faith, because when God intervenes then everyone will know that He is and is benevolent. This is our apprenticeship – our time to prepare for whatever work we might do for the Christ during his imminent reign over the earth. We need have no ambition - let the world rulers be in their places –

our role is simpler, the kind we can do now : not preaching necessarily, not teaching, but exemplifying what life should be. Our faith in God’s intervention will be as a beacon lighting His approach as that day draws near – a million, a hundred million fine hearts lighting the way, all yearning for the day when the Christ will be here for us to follow. We need do nothing except let our faith and God's spirit carry us forward, and serve as an example to others to lose their anxiety at this momentous time.