Why worship Jehovah...?
... because He is offering assistance
Recognise the Pattern…
- God does not act in isolation

When the Egyptians were slaughtering new-born sons, how many times did God rescue one? How many times did He catch a child from the arms of the Egyptians as they threw it into the river?... Not once. He did not intervene until the days of Moses, because God intended to rescue all of the Hebrews together – every single one.

Our “Egypt” is upon us : our climate is writhing in pain – extended monsoons, droughts, and the near month-long Californian wildfire are just a few examples. But there can be no expectation of response to any call for help, until the entire assembly of world leaders unite in the call.

If we look forward a little to when Bangladesh loses its coast to flooding, when England’s spontaneous floods refuse to recede, when Kiribati and Tuvalu sink beneath the waves and California’s forests are burnt to the ground and southern states are cleaved by a seasonal streams of tornados and central Africa turns into an enduring oven... there will be no respite - whatever the prayers - no rescue until all world leaders unite to call for help.

Human Nature
It is human nature to do nothing, to refuse to look ahead. Some still believe human ingenuity can solve this crisis… some even view climate change as a great opportunity to exploit weaker nations...
King Zedekiah and the religious leaders took no notice of God’s prophetic warnings, and acquiesced only when the uncompromising shout of the Chaldaean forces were heard within the walls of Jerusalem
madness and intransigence will endure to the bitter end. We have always ignored warnings - we fold our hands and we slumber... infact it was always known that no reasoning would induce the slightest inclination to call to the Almighty.

From this point on, with all world leaders knowing the future yet ignoring the steps they must take, the effective inducement takes prominence just as the advent of war speaks louder than warnings, and plague in the skin louder than the advice to moderate behaviour: The Last Prophet Elijah – already speaking loud enough for Tuvalu – will shout ever louder, and will not relent. As the climate crisis surpasses our tolerances, and populations demand impossible solutions from their leaders, those leaders will desperately strive to shout above its clamour to ask God for help. That call will be made in pain and in terror - as a foolish child who has suffered misadventure, and not as a wise child who valued a Father’s advice.

Blessed are the Pure in Heart
Those who appreciate God know how He acted in Egypt. He rescued everyone alive, and having done so did not simply leave the Hebrews to fend for themselves. He had a long-term plan to give them a beautiful land and turn them into a kingdom of priests – a light for the fine hearts in other nations to turn to! – just as the Messiah did in the 1st century.

So too fine hearts will not be alone after God’s rescue – the Messiah will be in active authority. THat one will gently help without force, separating fine hearts safely from the influences which have ruined this era... and will lead them home to the pasture grounds of Eden where God’s purpose was to have flourished, and will flourish again.

We can discard the competitive spirit in the world – it has no future, and will die through its own misadventure; bad ways will be shown to be unsustainable. We too will suffer in this era and be unprotected from the fires and the floods and the droughts, but when has suffering – or even death – been an obstacle to God!

If we have faith in God’s plan – just as it was enacted in Egypt so perfectly – then we will see His rescue and beyond before it approaches. Regardless of our beliefs our spirit will already be walking along that road back to Eden, just waiting for the Messiah to help us get there. If we have that faith, then we are the world leaders – in spirit – we are already there, already urging others to move forward with us.