Why worship Jehovah...?
... because God is far-sighted
Three Wise Men

According to some accounts, three men - astrologers, Magi, wise men - took note of a celestial event and travelled from Babylonia to Bethlehem, and were rewarded with a view of the infant Christ. It is worth noting their courage to take a dangerous journey with valuables - and to return home and explain why such great family wealth had been given to a new-born foreign baby. They had the courage of their convictions, and their faithful example will never be forgotten.

In recent days, three modern-day wise men have dared to utter the unspeakable :

President Macron of France gave a speech in Paris at which he declared the world is losing the battle to curb climate change as the planet was heading for up to a 3.5ºC increase.

Earlier, the Governor of California Jerry Brown had declared that wildfires were to be the new seasonal normal for California and should be expected every year or two - echoeing the concerns of Governor Schwarzenegger some years earlier.

Also, Dr Jeremy Mathis from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA - which has long kept a close eye on the polar regions - declared that the warmer Arctic is the new normal, likening it to a necessary planetary refrigerator whose door we have left ajar.

Stating the Obvious...
These are not obscure facts - they are as plain as a bright new light in the sky. Yet there is a reluctance to stating the obvious, the consequences seemingly too grave to contemplate.

But the solution seems even more terrifying - and with the exception of one wise man has remained unspoken - that the Almighty will abate the climate crisis when we call to Him for help. The fear is one of appearing foolish, gullible, grasping at straws, of giving credence to a children's story; the fear is of losing one's credibility, of being laughed out of office, of losing one's career
Curiously, the fear of losing face alone appears to be more terrifying than the total collapse of society
and livelihood and statesmanship, of embarrassing the stately throne or office or country which one has loyally served.

World leaders have a limited time in which to gather and consider a call to the Almighty for help. But soon, the Last Prophet Elijah will call loudly - the sadness of the devastating events we are seeing today will be eclipsed by the shock of meteorlogical spasms when the degraging environment becomes chaotic. At that time we will not have the luxury or the peace of mind to sit and debate, or worry about what people might think of us : it is obvious that we must call... and that call could be in resigned acceptance, or in blind panic.

Almighty God declared :
“If you will return to Me, I will return to you”
Malachi 3:7

- and at that time, some did and were personally rewarded with a name in a scroll of remembrance. If today's wisdom is to openly acknowledge the climate, tomorrows must be to acknowledge the way out. And yet... looking just a little beyond this crisis and its solution, is a future in which Divine authority will be active in the earth. This is our last opportunity to mark ourselves as worthy of trust in that new era - today's kings will still be kings and world leaders will still lead their part of the world, but that credibility can only be gained here, and now. This is our time to exercise faith - and despite the blindingly obvious signs and inevitabilities it will be counted as faith to us - but it will be too late to gain credibility when the Almighty actualy intervenes. So we have good incentive to be a little far-sighted, a little stout-hearted in this world which is atheistic in practice if not in fact; but the immediate incentive has been declared by these three wise and rater concerned men.

This PDF text shows how world leaders alone must call for God's intervention