Why worship Jehovah...?
... because we are so far away from being like Him
An Open Letter to World Leaders
- the urgency for action

The attached Open Letter PDF is directed to all national leaders, without prejudice or bias.

Man is made in the image of God, but we should not mistake that for a license to neglect the earth.

At the time of the exile to Babylon it was stipulated that the land would remain vacant of man and beast for 70 years while the land paid off its Sabbaths. Altough Sabbath years were supposed to be rest periods for the land, the people had continued to plant and reap the land without rest – therefore God demanded these years of rest be repaid.

…Not that this 70 years of rest was onerous for the land, but only for the people who had had to be exiled in the process. The earth - created long before any other life form on earth – was not a mere ball of rock and soil for us to exploit, but was and is very important to the Almighty.

The Need for Rest
Right now, the earth is writhing in pain. We have not yet seen the first real spasms at our “ground level” of weather, but the distress is there in the higher levels of glacial collapse,
The more recent floods, droughts and wildfires - which are seasonal in their nature - are as nothing to the chaotic spasms which will occur without warning.
track splits in the thermohaline, distortions in the jet stream and the thawing of the permafrost. While these are smooth - though rapid - changes, consequential changes at ground level will be sudden and chaotic. We need to take these warnings very seriously.

If Man were truly superior, we would have called for God’s intervention a long time ago – instead we act with disdain. Jesus Christ gave a warning in his illustration when he said:

A certain man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard, and he came looking for fruit on it, but found none. Then he said to the vine-dresser:
‘Here it is three years that I have come looking for fruit on this fig tree, but have found none. Cut it down! Why really should it keep the ground useless?’
In reply he said to him:
‘Master, let it alone also this year, until I dig around it and put on manure; and if then it produces fruit in the future, [it is good]; but if not, you shall cut it down.’
Luke 13:6-10

- the “certain man” – God – looks scathingly upon our intransigence. Just like Adam's demise, any uprooting will be as a consequence of our inaction.

The Need for Action
We must presume that those first sharp spasms could occur at any moment – for we have neither precedent nor models to predict when those disruptions at higher levels will affect us at ground level. Man in God’s image has the role of calling to the
In the illustration, God speaks as Jeremiah did to the Son who is wise enough to give the correct response Jeremiah 12:3-4
Almighty to intervene – an action which will be the greatest privilege for world leaders in our entire era of independence. That event can be savoured, enjoyed ...or it can be performed in absolute panic – it all depends on whether we - the fig tree - respond to six months of gentle nurturing, or remain intransigent.

One thing is certain : we will need to call for God’s help – yet there are currently no figs whatsoever sprouting on that tree which is keeping the land worthless. As Zephaniah warned : is it imperative that we act quickly to prepare ourselves, and so counter the widespread fear which will consume our populations when those first spasms expose how un-God-like our powers really are.

The attached Open Letter PDF is directed to all national leaders, without prejudice or bias.