Why worship Jehovah...?
... because it is the only way to live without fear
Seeing Beyond the Surface
“…but as these things begin, raise yourselves up and lift up YOUR heads, because YOUR deliverance is getting near.”
- Luke 21:28 (on the fall of Jerusalem)

When Jesus Christ told his disciples of the terrible events which lay in store for their nation, he also told them that this formed a mere surface of reality : their Christian Way – hated and hindered – would become free in the world, no longer denounced as religiously blasphemous.

Our era also has its terrible event – the climate crisis – yet this nemesis is also a mere surface event. It will wreck civilisation, but we will continue because of God’s rescue plan; it will terrify and kill and ruin, but we will all be preserved alive as soon as we call for help.

Like those 1st century Christians, we need to see beyond the surface. They were a small group – all Jews, at least at the start, and all subject to traditionalist rule. There was a sentence of death over them… yet their preaching to the nations and the later fall of Jerusalem left them free to practice their way.

Last Prophet

  • The last prophet of Mankind’s era, and the powerful message leading to Christ’s return.


  • God’s route to Mankind’s recovery and reconciliation to Him

Climate Crisis

  1. A Legal Precedent?
    - Mankind plans for his retreat
  2. Understanding the Signs
    - when clarity is no longer dependent upon analysis
  3. Decline of the Species
    - predictions and their consequences
Likewise... our crisis is curtailing normal life – and it has even affected the faith of many who wonder why God

“...does not just do something about it”

– but the scriptures show that there is a “happy ending”…

Revelation is a prophetic book, filled with God’s anger and wrath, wars of Armageddon, destruction of many people… yet it begins and ends quite, quite beautifully! The well-known ending is the dawn of New Jerusalem – where “righteousness is to dwell” : it assures the reader that whatever happens during the stormy period is a mere surface, a consequential cleansing, after which comes a much more peaceful life.

...but the beginning of Revelation is also beautiful - and often overlooked : it is the assurance that there will be a rescue from our nemesis. Long before the wrath, the seven seals, and the infamous war of Armageddon is the first earthly event of the vision; this is our reaction to the Christ accepting authority over the earth. There… as the lamb receives the scroll with seven seals as yet unbroken, the earth responds to Heaven’s delight :

And I heard every creature that is in heaven and on earth and beneath the earth and on the sea, and all the things in them, saying:
‘Praise! to the One sitting on the throne and to the lamb - and the honour and the glory and the might - forever and ever.’
Revelation 5:13 - first earthly event of the vision

And here is the promise of our rescue : that everyone on earth – the Jew, the Christian, the atheist, the good and the bad, every single person! – will give thanks to God and to His Christ.

Imagine the scene : atheists who do not believe in God, giving thanks to Him and to His son; Jews who do not believe Jesus to be the Messiah, giving thanks to both his Father - Almighty God - AND to him. This has to be a very, very special event for all of that intransigence to evaporate even for an hour. So why would they do this…?

Divine Rescue
Our nemesis unites us all! We are frightened, we are all vulnerable to it – regardless of our beliefs or good standing in God’s eyes. Yet by intervening to rescue us, introducing His son to carry out the task, God will show His power and benevolence to everyone alive. Who would not be grateful at that time?! Who would doubt their own eyes, their own experience as the power of the nemesis is suddenly abated?!

This PDF text shows how benevolently God will intervene and who exactly must call for His assistance

…and He will do this because the first prophecy in the scriptures – the theme of our era of independence – will finally be proved at this time: where God told the first man :

“If you go independent of me, it will kill you”
Genesis 2:17 (paraphrased)

The first man Adam did not live to see that – he was the Prodigal Son, taking the earth before his due time, and he only saw the consequence that God warned him about. But when we - his descendants who have squandered and ruined it - return just as Jesus’ parable described, then God will intervene and that other part of that first prophecy – that staying with God would keep us alive – will have been proved.

Living With Our Nemesis
We can only wait for the great day… we cannot abate the crisis, neither generate enough power to abate what we have done, nor know how we could apply it… but what we can do is lose our fear by giving credence to God’s promise. There is no special church to join, no beliefs to adopt – we need feel no pressure from any religion or group to follow them : this is our time to contemplate, to feel sad at what we have done, and – like those with Moses on the shore of the Sea – to :

“stand firm and see the salvation of Jehovah”
Exodus 14:13

Those Hebrews were weak from years of abuse, yet they began the long trek and trusted in God to provide their relief. Likewise those 1st century Christians were under pain of death by stoning every day of their lives… yet they continued, they placed their faith in what was to come, and they were released from their oppression. We can be like them – it takes so little for us, no action except to relax and remind ourselves of that confidence… and lose our fears of everything. The later main events of Revelation will be terrible – but there is no need to think of those here – whereas that first earthly event is a unanimous cry of joy! That is our destiny! that day is for us!

Polar News...
And A Computer's View of Our Situation
- climate crisis update

The last few weeks have seen noteworthy updates on the climate crisis.

This year’s arctic ice extent was the seventh lowest on record. Whereas we have been used to each successive year being lower than all except 2013, this might seem to be something of a reprieve… but not so. Last year’s monstrous shredding of the ice resulted in the break-up of thicker

Who Makes the Call?

  • The roles of religion and of world leaders in the call for God’s intervention.

Why Evil?

  • Why God allows evil to continue, and when it will enter its final days.
and deeper ice, which then became surface ice for this year – thus the increase in ice extent. That ice, however, lacks the thickness which it has had in previous years. A much more important statistic is the ice volume for the Arctic, which continues its annual descent; this year, 6 month’s of record low volume followed by a brief reprieve, while the trend remained below the projected level of decline. Thinner ice this year will be more likely to melt next year.

The BBC has highlighted the fragility of ice shelves in the Antarctic. Focussing on the launch of Dotson Ice shelf, a sterling computer graphic shows how even the seemingly robust ice shelves are being undermined by warmer ocean currents. The stability of these shelves – which act as corks in the bottle of glacial flow – is of significant interest in determining the rate of sea-level rise due to Antarctic calving.
On a more consequential note, the The Independent reports that only two (2) Adelie chicks have survived this year's breeding season. Feeding was made much more difficult by expanded sea ice this year, whereas excessive warming can also adversely impact on survival rates as the food supply is subjected to wider marine competition.

This shows how narrow the survival track actually is compared to the huge variations imposed by a changing climate

Mapping the Problem
This very week saw the launch of Sentinel 5P satellite which will partially fill the void left by recent defunct satellites. The Sentinel 5P will map the pollutants and air particles which affect both global warming and other aspects of climate. As this was launched, data from NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory has provided a new graphic of the earth breathing – an illustration made prominent by Al Gore in his feature An Inconvenient Truth.

These portions of data and excellent graphics are invaluable in helping to dispel any complacency over the climate crisis and show us what lies in trends rather than a snap-short of a year’s melt.

...However they also turn the Arctic and the Antarctic into foci of attention. Just as the climate crisis is the mere surface to God’s intervention, likewise such features of that crisis – however glaring – are of less significance compared to those which are causing the most damage to civilisation.
If people are too intransigent to take notice of these glaring events at the poles, then there is no way to bring their attention to the monstrous and sudden effects before they arrive.
It is easy to become preoccupied with them for their visibility – like a rabbit watching oncoming headlights perhaps – or like a hungry man waiting for breakfast who watches an egg timer, quite forgetting that his breakfast will be delivered long before the eggs are cooked. These features – as monstrous as they are – are consequences and symptoms of the problem, whereas the forces which are most destructive are aberrations at much higher levels of the climate dynamic : effects on the Jet stream and on the thermohaline which are immensely powerful and which promise to inflict swift and chaotic and widespread damage over a far greater area than the Arctic – large as that is.