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Too Late to Hit the Target

Jehovah was passing by... and a great wind was splitting mountains and breaking crags before Jehovah
(but Jehovah was not in the wind.)
And after the wind there was a quaking
(but Jehovah was not in the quaking.)
And after the quaking there was a fire
(but Jehovah was not in the fire.)
... and after the fire came a calm, low voice
1st of Kings 19:11-12

In a landmark news item, the BBC has reported a call for sensible and far-sighted discussion regarding the climate crisis.

It cites a newly-published paper in the Nature journal "Scientific Reports", in which scientists declare that we will “almost certainly” exceed the target 1.5ºC

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Climate Crisis

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temperature rise by 2100 – even if we cease all greenhouse emissions immediately in 2016. The target – set by more than 150 world leaders at the COP21 conference in Paris last year – will be surpassed over the land masses.

The oceans are already warming in the most inappropriate areas. In recent years warm gulf stream waters have partly deflected northwards around the Arctic, warming the Russian coast as far as the Bering Straits. This warming further heats the Tundra – the vault to vast quantities of methane – which have in recent years been venting at an alarming rate.

The news source Russia Today has posted alarming images of the consequences on its website, showing large bulges in the (once permanently frozen) ground. When vented, the ground collapses and large craters which are formed in the landscape. This – the latest in a series of ever-increasing grades of venting – gives a flavour of how intrusive the climate crisis might become in the immediate future.

But this paper has a greater significance...

Consideration for the Decision-Makers
For several decades the environmental scientists and the IPCC have been urging governments to act. Now, shortly after so many governments united in their public concern, this scientific paper is less adversarial and more resigned. We have reached a stage where the good intentions – and last year’s Paris meeting showed very good intentions by the world leaders – must take stock of the reality:
Movies such as “The Day the Earth Stood Still” depict Mankind changing its nature at the brink, but in real life there is no guarantee that that will be enough to save us; natural crises do not respond to our change of heart, nor notice when they exceed our level of tolerance.

Whatever we spend now will not prevent a +1.5ºC temperature rise worldwide. It might be deemed wiser to expend some funds more effectively on other aspects – perhaps renewables, research into irrigation and population placement, redirecting society into a less exploitative path, and so on. Instead of targets, a change of mindset is going to be most beneficial, whereby we recognise that doing our best should not be hindered by negotiation – that the days of doing a deal are gone, and were never really appropriate.
When opposing sides begin to speak soberly toward each other, the issue at hand has exceeded their differences

A Sober Awakening
With that quietly-spoken scientific paper we have reached a watershed. We need to take stock of the situation. That sober consideration immediately addresses the real problem – us, our intransigence which fomented the climate crisis. That realisation will not solve the climate crisis, but it will begin to solve us – and that beginning is all that our Rescuer has been waiting for.