Why worship Jehovah...?
... because His message is simple

An Open Letter to World Leaders

The attached Open Letter is directed specifically to all national leaders, without prejudice or bias.

The article which follows provides supplementary reasoning for Bible students who might remain unconvinced of the value which world leaders have to God’s purpose.

Value the “superfluous”

Observe and obey all these words that I give you, so that you and your future sons may thrive to time indefinite through doing what is good and right in the eyes of Jehovah your God.
Deuteronomy 12:28

It is easy to be cynical…

…Why didn’t God just make a new Adam and Eve to replace the rebellious ones?

…Why not simply give the Promised Land to Abraham, and avoid the arduous wait?

…Why have the Jewish nations at-all, since they were to execute His son?

…Why support the Babylonians in their desolating of Jerusalem, if He were only “waiting” to help the Medes and Persians to wipe them out 70 years later?

…And why create this era of Christianity if it was going to so quickly misrepresent His message?

The reason…? God does not value perfection – He values us, His creation, and our steps toward it.

Waves from Tiny RIpples
In each fall from grace, it is a very few who force the curtailment of a system. Very few Jews – very very few, and who are now long dead – wanted Jesus executed; many more wanted him to be king, even the obnoxious Herod and the ambitious Pilate admired him.

Regarding Babylon, God supported its forces because of Jerusalem’s insult to the Almighty - and even communicated with King Nebuchadnezzar afterwards for his good heart [ Daniel 2:28 ] – but it was not until the insult by his grandson Belshazzar that Almighty God brought about its immediate downfall.

Similarly, Christianity began well – its ministry for almost 40 years was to preach the accuracy of Jesus’ warning of Jerusalem’s fall to the very ones who wanted to kill them... it was only when it became ambitious, when it sought control and power, that it became distorted.

Looking Toward the Future
God warned Israel in the Levitical text [ Leviticus 26:27-42 ] – some 700 years before the Babylonian slaughter – that Israel and Judah would callously discard Him, and that He in turn would have to chastise them heavily. Yet Judah and Israel produced some fine people and fine things in that time: David, Samuel, Hezekiah and the beautiful Josiah. How diminished our history would have been, if these had not been allowed their opportunity to flourish!

Christendom – citing the scriptures in Daniel [ Daniel 2:28-45 - 44 ] - has preached that the world’s governments will be destroyed by the Christ, and Revelation [ Revelation 16:14-16 ] – which describes the approaching era of Christ’s active reign – shows the timing of that. Nevertheless, the world’s governments are absolutely essentialessential! – in our survival as this era ends. So why the disparity…?

…because though we will have freedom to ignore Christ’s counsel in the new era, so very many – very many! - will realise that his way of governing is far better than what we could do ourselves. Just as the apostate rebels slaughtered by Babylon bore
Just as Revelation shows Heaven’s kings delightedly discarding their crowns before the Christ, many of today’s world leaders will gradually choose a new role in Christ’s reign – one which cannot be corrupted and is under Divine protection.
no resemblance at-all to good king Josiah, so the “kings and governments” which are eventually destroyed will be devoid of any good statesmen.

Respect for God’s Guidance
We could so easily interpret the Holy Scriptures to justify a vast array of prejudices, hatreds, superiorities… or, we can see God’s purpose and avoid those faults entirely.

Daniel and Revelation forecast the destruction of something corruptible – self-governance - rather than a blanket slaughter of every king and politician who has ever lived. Today’s world leaders – especially whoever occupies those roles at the time of calling – have such an immense privilege that we can only envy! Just as Melchizedek [ Genesis 14:18-20 ] was essential in blessing Abraham, the roles of the world leaders were set long in advance for their purpose - God’s purpose – which benefits us all.

Knowing God’s purpose now, our role as ordinary lovers of God is not to hinder that purpose – not to oppose governments or kings, not try to usurp their position in order to gain that privilege. Out of that strong lion will come forth the sweetness, just as in Samson’s day [ Judges 14:5-9 ], but the life-force – the individual members – within this lion will have the opportunity to blossom into something greater than the king of the beasts: Divine roles are there for them and for all of us.

Just as John the Baptist – the greatest of all men born of women – was less than any man in the Kingdom of the Heavens, so all people have a boundless future if they want it. Cyrus transformed from being a mere pagan warrior to become Jehovah’s cherished instrument [ Ezra 1:1-2 ] for the beautification of Jerusalem – so who are we to deny that same opportunity to today’s world leaders in what is their Divinely ordained hour?

……and perhaps, we ordinary souls may find ourselves as the Zerubbabels [ Ezra 3:1-2 ], the Ezras [ Nehemiah 8:2-3 ], the Nehemiahs in that beautification - because despite theirs being a truly priceless privilege, there will be tremendous opportunities for everyone under Christ’s active reign - our names will be able to shine alongside theirs.