Why worship Jehovah...?
... because He educates us through our own prayers
The Last Supper
A Good Reason to Remember
..whatever praiseworthy thing there is, continue considering these things.
Philippians 4:8

Last week included a Friday the 13th - viewed by many as unlucky because there were 13 people at the Last Supper. However, not only did that meal take place on a Thursday evening, Nisan the 14th, but there were more than 13 people present.

When our Lord declared that one of those present would betray him, he clarified by saying:

“It is one of the twelve...”
Mark 14:20

to distinguish between his circle of apostles and the other disciples who were present.

Last Prophet

  • The last prophet of Mankind’s era, and the powerful message leading to Christ’s return.


  • God’s route to Mankind's recovery and reconciliation to Him

Climate Crisis

  1. Remedy... or Prevention
    - Vanuatu devastated
  2. A Legal Precedent?
    - Mankind plans for his retreat
  3. Understanding the Signs
    - when clarity is no longer dependent upon analysis
  4. Decline of the Species
    - predictions and their consequences

Sadly that evening tends to be remembered for betrayal, but out Lord asked us to remember it for a very diferent reason - the New Covenant, which made the Kingdom of God our focus rather than the nation of Israel.

This year the Memorial of our Lord’s Evening Meal falls on Thursday, April 2nd. We would like to invite you to commemmorate this very special event in your own homes after sundown, and to remember the marvellous future that awaits due to our Lord’s ministry.

Remedy no Substitute for Prevention

As our hearts go out again - this time to Vanuatu - its head of state President Baldwin Lonsdale declared that climate change had contributed to the ferocity of the cyclone. This was affirmed on the BBC Today program by the climate scientist Professor Myles Allen of Oxford University.

While Vanuatu can be rebuilt, we have to ask painfully:

...to what purpose?

The whole world knows that these natural events will only become more numerous and grow in intensity because of the climate crisis. Those beautiful islands with itstheir beautiful and hostpitable people are another casualty of Mankind’s poor management of the planet.

We will all give to Vanuatu and yearn for it to shine again; but while we think of them, let us please pray that those in authority will think of calling - soon - to the One Who can prevent these catastrophies from ever happening again.