Why worship Jehovah...?
... because He helps us to look beyond our surroundings
A Focus on Heavenly Things
“I make a covenant with you, just as my Father has made a covenant with me, for a kingdom”
Luke 22:29

Jesus final week in Jerusalem was magnificent for its people! He arrived in the manner of Solomon, just as the prophets had foretold for the Messiah. He was welcomed loudly by many people as king, delighted them by clearing the corruption from the temple courtyard, and in that same place called up to Almighty God Jehovah – Who answered for all to hear! Never before had these things happened in Israel: God had truly turned His attention to His people!

A Ruler’s Viewpoint
The rulers saw a problem: they had already sought to arrest Jesus, long before this Passover was due. Even Lazarus was wanted for daring to be raised from the dead, weakening their significance before the people.

Last Prophet

  • The last prophet of Mankind’s era, and the powerful message leading to Christ’s return.


  • God’s route to Mankind's recovery and reconciliation to Him

Climate Crisis

  1. Decline of the Species
    - predictions and their consequences
  2. Understanding the Signs
    - when clarity is no longer dependent upon analysis
  3. Facing Our Limitations
    - realisation dawns
And now, this uneducated country-dweller

“...not even a resident in Jerusalem”

– had been proclaimed as king, and the Heavens had responded to his call.

All of this was too dangerous to their authority:

“What might he do at Passover? Might the people demand prominence for their new king at the ceremony? ”

Perhaps his kind and popular ways would take the ascendency over their strict and oppressive rulership, and what would become of them and their families then?!

So the decision was taken to protect their status by removing this new king - before Passover began. The festival would take place as it always had,
If the rulers had only remembered the words of John the Baptist, and the events of the 1st Passover, they might have appreciated the terrible mistake they were making.
and the people’s behaviour would mellow in the week-long tradition, and this newcomer would lapse from the scene.

The Purpose of the Messiah
But the Messiah had a very different agenda. He had not come to oust the rulers, but to fulfil prophecy. One way or another, he would die the day before Passover, and he would deliver the new covenant – the second stone tablets which Moses carved to replace the broken ones (Genesis 34:1-4) – to
By fulfilling prophecy, Jesus showed us God’s direction throughout the long years beforehand
those for whom it was designed.

Thus the last supper would mark that deliverance of the covenant, with the wine to symbolise the blood which would seal it later that day, and the bread to symbolise his body which was the prophetic Passover lamb. This – this! – was God’s purpose, the entire reason for His Son to tread the earth.

A Marker in Time
Now and forever, the Last Supper marks the day before Passover – a signpost to direct those approaching to take the new direction which God has ordained. The Messiah is the “eternal father” (Isaiah 9:6-7) of those following God, to widen the earthly line which had been through Abraham.

Yet one day, another signpost will be erected to redirect us even earlier than this celebration, to the One Who gave all guidance for both the 1st Passover deliverance and the one during Christ’s reign.

But for now, we are asked to remember the direction which God has provided – the second stepping-stone in our recovery to Him – and delight in the Christ’s wonderful and lasting guidance to us.

All at worshipJehovah.org pray that you will have a most enjoyable Memorial evening on Thursday 5th of April after sundown.

Facing Our Limitations

There is nothing more crushing than for one’s more earnest hopes to be broken. In the past, alchemists staked their reputation - and their life – on being able to turn base metals into gold for the king, and in their failure they saw all too sadly their limitations.

The nature of science is to move forward. If a goal is not reached, lessons are learned and steps achieved on which to progress further. Where we once dreamed of men on the moon,

Who Makes the Call?

  • The roles of religion and of world leaders in the call for God’s intervention.

on the Road to Life

  1. Self-Realisation
    - on Mankind’s powers of foresight

  2. Facing the Facts
    - closing a door behind ourselves and facing the future

  3. Call to the Heavens
    - pointing the way to safety
we eventually achieved these things through smaller steps, and given enough small steps the enormous task of building a habitable base on Mars could be achieved.

However, lacking optimism, a recent BBC documentary presented the extremes which we face every year as the climate continues to change. The tone was muted: there was no talk of prevention, no enthusiasm expressed for the task of combating the climate crisis. In quiet and understated voices, the talk was of how to predict what was to come and how we might adapt to the changes.

In parallel to this, a multi-national program has begun to test which trees can best tolerate the future climate in Europe. The fact that we live in a period of financial austerity shows how significant this program must be. Indeed, despite our recent article citing the consequences of a 3.5°C rise by the end of the century, a more recent paper expresses the possibility that temperatures could rise by 3°C – by 2050.
The current CO2 ppm measurement is actually 393.6, and not 387 as reported on the 12th of March
Even critics of the method of calculation agree that such a rise is increasingly likely as a consequence of methane release and a lower reflectivity of sunlight.

The quest for the Philosopher’s stone was futile, but it was not earth-shattering. Our dire environmental circumstances posed science a question with an altogether different consequence. Now that the scales are falling from the eyes and we see, depressingly, the inevitability of the future. Solomon wrote discerningly:

When expectation is postponed, it makes the heart sick...

Let’s remember candidly that we were always going to reach this stage. The Creator knew we would not turn the base metals of climate degradation back into the gold of past temperate seasons. He is ready to catch us when we call - to complete Solomon’s statement which ended:

...but the thing desired is a tree of life when it does come.
Proverbs 13:12

- and today’s scientists still have a very, very valuable role in advising us in safety until we do so.