Why worship Jehovah...?
... perhaps because He transforms our desperation into the gateway to life
A Call to the Heavens

March 16th 2011
In the wake of the deep crisis in Japan, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Akihito made an extremely rare appearance on Japanese television. In a message to up-build the nation, the Emperor declared that he is praying for the safety of his people in this time of sudden and unprecedented crisis.

National governors often pray to the Heavens, but in times of ultimate crisis their voice has a special quality which ordinary people do not possess. As inheritors of the authority which Adam usurped

Last Prophet

  • The last prophet of Mankind’s era, and the powerful message leading to Christ’s return.


  • God’s route to Mankind's recovery and reconciliation to Him

Climate Crisis

  1. Decline of the Species
    - predictions and their consequences
  2. Understanding the Signs
    - when clarity is no longer dependent upon analysis
  3. Facing Our Limitations
    - realisation dawns
from the Almighty, these superior men and women hold a special place in God’s eye, because He is their only superior. A call to God in such times of
The fact that nobody foresaw the ferocity of the crisis in Japan shows that no nation, however resilient, can be complacent
crisis reflects the unquestionable need for Divine support in the earth.

But what is uttered as a plea for salvation from the power of nature actually ushers in – not only God’s rescue but a golden age under Divine guidance. Just as some world leaders – through foresight, or sad circumstance as in the case of Japan – perceive that the climate crisis is truly a nemesis, likewise some see further: that the help they will unitedly call for at it’s culmination is help which they
Some world leaders already perceive the way Mankind will flourish under direct guidance from the Heavens
really need every day to truly flourish.

The call for help may seem like a weakness, a surrender, a loss of independence — but it is really a liberation from everything which that 6,000 year independence withheld from them. The climate crisis is terrifying to anyone with a little foresight, but this troubled time is merely the gateway to life as it should always have been. The future is stunningly beautiful for all who wish to adopt it, and it begins with those world leaders’ approach in confidence to the Heavens.