Lifting the Fearful Veil
“My Yoke is Kindly”
Matthew 11:30

Try for a moment to imagine three souls awaiting the resurrection...

One: a 2nd century drunkard; the second: a good and pious lover of God in the 8th century; and the third an island dweller from the mid 20th century, a lover of God in many forms without knowing His Name who has never heard of the Bible. All breathe their last and look forward to the next life, placing their trust in God, Whoever they believe Him to be.

Last Prophet

  • The last prophet of Mankind’s era, and the powerful message leading to Christ’s return.


  • God’s route to Mankind's recovery and reconciliation to Him

Climate Crisis

  1. Decline of the Species
    - predictions and their consequences
  2. Understanding the Signs
    - when clarity is no longer dependent upon analysis
  3. Facing Our Limitations
    - realisation dawns

The drunkard wakes in astonishment! in a burning hell - a new after-death state declared by Divine revelation sometime after he died. He had never heard of this awful place and thought it a harsh punishment for his penchant for drink!

The second, the good and pious soul, awakes to his utter shock! in purgatory - another new after-death state instituted a few centuries after his death - to face an eternity of pushing a huge stone uphill to purify his remaining sins. Nothing in his service to God had prepared him for such a dreadful transition from earth to Heaven! If this is his welcome after faithfully serving God, he wonders what the afterlife is like for more sinful people!

And the peaceful 20th century island-dweller doesn’t wake at-all - struck with everlasting death at Armageddon for having failed to join the one-true-religion which he had never heard of...

If this light-hearted account does anything, it shows the absurdity of the fear-inspiring doctrines which have developed since our Lord’s time. Imagining them in practise like this – the surprise on their faces as they learn that God had changed the rules to their detriment long after their death – shows that reality simply must be very different.

God has “changed the rules” before, of course, but always in a beneficial manner. Our Lord’s sacrifice opened up the way to life in the Heavens, a release from the pressure of the Law, forgiveness freely given for sins rather than having to sacrifice an animal, and the ease of approach to Almighty God - the Heavenly Father as they now called Him - not through a priest but through Jesus Christ. Changes certainly, but every one a delight and a benefit for us.

Like his Father, our Lord’s manner was always kind and encouraging - a contrast to the view portrayed in those “divine revelations”. People gave their love to him and his Father because of his kind ways, rather than forced obedience through fear. The beautiful temple curtain in Jerusalem was torn in two at our Lord’s death to reveal the representation of Heaven, yet religions re-create a judgemental curtain woven from their doctrines to control who approaches the “Heaven” which they alone stand guard over. And while the real temple curtain separated the Most Holy from the Holy, religions’ curtains separate the “holy” from the “damned”.
A difficulty with such fearful “divine revelations” is that many people would have died long before they had been “revealed”, yet would - by their life course - be liable to suffer them.
Somehow, in religious “progress”, the kindness of our Lord seems to have been left behind, and a strange and fear-inspiring distortion of holiness has taken hold.

But worshippers need not worry about these things. Worship is simple, from the heart; all cruel damnations start and end with the churches which teach them – they have no reality beyond those boundaries. God’s ways are so clearly beautiful, so helpful and encouraging and will not be over-ridden – His kindness and His guidance will come regardless of what the world does. Our Lord Jesus Christ declared:

“The field is the world”
Matthew 11:38

- so not a single religion, but the whole world acts as pasture for fine seed – the sons of the Kingdom – spread everywhere, and they would have responded to the spirit of his call:

“Come to me, all YOU who are toiling and loaded down, and I will refresh YOU. Take my yoke upon YOU and learn from me, for I am mild-tempered and lowly in heart, and YOU will find refreshment for YOUR souls...”

How inviting that sounds! A mild-tempered teacher, lacking the pride and ambition of religious rulers, offering to teach people in a way that would relieve them of their worries. A teacher from the God Who guides us kindly and without burdens of fear or oppression. Doesn’t that sound attractive! That must have melted away the fears in his audience. It’s the same call we hear today:

Who Makes the Call?

  • The roles of religion and of world leaders in the call for God’s intervention.

on the Road to Life

  1. Self-Realisation
    - on Mankind’s powers of foresight

  2. Facing the Facts
    - closing a door behind ourselves and facing the future

  3. Call to the Heavens
    - pointing the way to safety

“...For my yoke is kindly and my load is light.
Matthew 11:28-30

Oh, God is kind! It makes us wonder how worship could ever have been believed to be anything else!

Straight Talking
Keen Eyes

In an interview on the BBC Radio 4 “Today” program, the highly respected scientist Professor James Lovelock stated his views on the climate crisis.

With reasoning that was more expansive compared to the analytical reports of recent times, Professor Lovelock candidly proposed that it is too late to save the planet. He declared that the hope remains that the planet will eventually re-balance itself. Giving intermediate figures for casualties, the eminent scientist hypothesised that as few as 1 billion people could survive the environmental and social dislocations of the crisis – amounting to a loss of a staggering 7 out of 8 people worldwide.

If the earth really were alone in creation – a closed system devoid of Divine attention – such a scenario would be terrible. Almighty God has always known that our lack of foresight would bring about our demise, and He has always had a prepared, so that our race which has such potential can live to progress again in safety.

To date, a very few tipping points have been crossed. However this candid interview looks beyond analysis of individual climate anomalies to glimpse instead the overall picture. It is earnestly hoped that the straightforward conclusions of such an eminent and independent scientist will be given due credence by the powers-that-be, and that the Great God in the Heavens – Mankind’s last resort, Who has simply waited for their call for assistance – will be given the credence He deserves.