Why worship Jehovah...?
... because we rely on His direction
Prophecy Cannot Be Hurried

Those who were starving in Samaria would have given anything for a reprieve – all that is except their king Jehoram who succumbed to the truth of God’s intervention through Elisha’s prophecy [2nd of Kings 6:24-7:20]. Similarly, those in Jerusalem in the days of Sennacherib and Hezekiah yearned for a reprieve – and it was the God of Heaven Who provided it [2nd of Kings 18:13-19:37].

However there have been other instances : Daniel records how some rebellious ones from Jerusalem would try to force his vision into fulfilment [Daniel 11:13-14]; later the people in the time of Jesus tried to make him King to bring about God’s kingdom [John 6:14-15]; and some today would attempt to engineer the outbreak of Armageddon for their own purposes.

But the scriptures give us counsel : all things must – and will – take place in God’s Own time.

Importance in Prophecy
In one portion of Daniel, an angel tells the prophet that he had been hindered by a rebellious spirit creature for 21 days, but was aided by the archangel Michael, and so came to assist the earthly kings of Persia as God had intended.

This angel had the task of informing Daniel of the completion of Jeremiah’s prophecy - the 70 years’ rest for the land – and of what was to follow. Timing was everything, as Daniel was to be given a timetable for the advent of the Messiah, and events beyond then. What becomes clear is that the real struggle is not Mankind with its sin and its self-obsession, nor even world events; rather it is the attempt by rebellious spirits to make God’s prophecy become flawed; if they could do that, then Mankind could have no confidence in Him or His word. The stakes are very very high.

The Tiniest Failure Costs Us Dearly
Consider what simple failing could have derailed the Christ : he could have been born elsewhere, he could have been killed in Herod’s great slaughter, he could have gone home after his Bar Mitzvah with his parents instead of placing his hand over the snake’s nest in the temple, he could have had a terrible accident and not been executed at-all, he could have been executed a few days’ earlier or later, he could have been executed alone – without the prophesied two men at his left and right – he could have survived and been elected king, he could have been executed by Rome rather than by Jerusalem, he could have retained his sight in one eye rather than it be pierced through by a crown of thorns… any one of these things would have made God’s prophecy faulty – any single one – and yet not a single prophecy about the Messiah failed.

...Hidden for a Reason
This is why prophecies are of necessity hidden – though in plain sight – to prevent their corruption, so that only those who genuinely follow God’s way for His purpose will be able to see what they need to see at that time.
Daniel himself – the highly valued prophet - was not allowed to know all the details of his own prophecy.
The scriptures have placed – in plain sight – evidence that Armageddon cannot possibly be imminent [Revelation 5:13]; God’s first prophecy – the very theme of our era of independence [Genesis 2:17] – awaits completion, and has always been there in plain sight to counter the notion of a sudden Divine slaughter. Whatever efforts may be made to engineer events will only bring chaos,
When scriptures are misinterpretted to a large audience, it is so that the hubris and adgenda of a church or leader can be held up to public scrutiny
and not Divine fulfilment.

The Evident Truth
One such chaos – evident to every living person – is the climate crisis, and everyone understands how fatal that chaos is. Whatever world events there may be – and there will be dreadful and fantastic and tumultuous events which stream far into Christ’s forthcoming reign – God’s timetable is His Own. His intervention will come for a specific reason, the precursor has its specific form, and the consequence of His intervention is already set in stone : the unanimous cry of appreciation by believer and non-believer alike [Revelation 5:13].

Religious direction - in all of its guises - has terrified people for centuries, and world events – including two world wars – have made people believe that the “Millennium” was imminent, but our squabbles and ambitions are of no consequence : we can all already see the need to call for God’s help… all that is waiting is for us to open our hearts and call.